Great designs don’t come by accident.

We believe that Trendhim’s ability to design the right products and create razor-sharp brands comes from a deep understanding and knowledge of our customers.

We’ve failed at this before. And now we’re excited about fixing it. So, we created an important and challenging new position as Strategic Design Lead.

As the Strategic Design Lead, your job is to lay foundations that enable Trendhim to design the right products, create the best brands and produce the most inspiring marketing material. Your job is to rigorously and systematically research our customers and the market. And then use your analysis and knowledge to develop insights and concepts that our designers, photographers, and marketers can use in their daily work.

You know how to build a machine that drops insights like rain from a dark cloud, and what’s more, you deeply enjoy it. Your impatient curiosity gives you the energy to really own and drive this machine, empowering designers to create better products and marketers to create powerful brands.

In short: we need an awesome new teammate who can oversee customer research, and generate clear design and brand concepts that have a huge impact on our business.

We are

We are an award-winning, CSR labeled international e-commerce company. We design accessories for men and sell directly to consumers worldwide. With +6000 products and 13 house brands, we sell to customers in 27 countries, communicating in 18 languages. The last 4 years have seen a growth of 60-100% per year, growing from just 3 employees to a team of around 70 talented people.

Our culture

We’re a fast-moving team that constantly strives to improve business, performance, and processes. We care about being as effective and productive as possible while making the most of the opportunities we’ve got. We like people who are confident and energetic enough to grab opportunities but are humble enough to constantly test assumptions and develop themselves. We believe that a great workplace happens when high performing professionals are deeply satisfied with their work.

You can read more about our vision, DNA, history and culture in our Atlas and Brand Manual:

The successful teammate will be required to lead a process from research to concept development of both brands and products. Having an in-depth understanding of how to drive explorative and research processes, using both qualitative and quantitative data, is a baseline requirement for succeeding in this position.

Your responsibilities:

Driving the strategic design process:
Building, driving and refining a strategic design process, which turns insights from our customers and the market into outcomes which make a difference to both our costumers and our business.

Research and analysis:
Ensuring we measure and analyse a broad spectrum of customer data. This allows us to access a range of insights, from the habits of buyers of a specific watch model (at the micro level), to the needs of potential customers.

Honing our brand(s):
Ensuring these valuable insights assist Trendhim photographers and marketers to serve our customers even better, through improved copywriting, photography and videography. The end aim is to build powerful brands which help more men tell their story.

Skills and knowledge:

  • Experience in research- and data-informed design processes
  • Qualitative and quantitative data research skills
  • Well-developed data analysis skills, able to form accurate insights quickly
  • Confident user of appropriate data software and tools, for example Excel
  • Structured, process-driven approach


  • Highly analytical, yet able to see the bigger picture
  • Empathetic
  • Intellectually curious
  • Team player
  • Able to develop other people's understanding
  • Agile and speedy
  • Outcomes-focused
  • Comfortable with technology

Experience and knowledge:

  • Design processes (essential)
  • Branding (highly desirable)
  • E-commerce

We offer

  • Challenges, responsibilities and the opportunity to really leave your mark.
  • To become part of a young team of dedicated and talented colleagues.
  • To be part of a fast growing, flexible and ever changing E-commerce business.
  • An opportunity to only move forward - not backwards.
  • A high level of influence in an action-orientated environment.
  • Pay according to qualifications.

Apply and tell us:

  1. Why you’d love to join the team and take on this task.
  2. What qualifies you for the position.
  3. Examples of work you’re proud of.
  4. Good and bad examples of work in this area (not your own).
  5. What you do to keep developing yourself.