Here at Trendhim, we have a mission. A mission to help men tell their story. We’re searching for a Head of Product Development to join us on this adventure and play one of the most important roles – to create products that the customer not just likes, but LOVES.

The right person for this job knows that nothing great is achieved alone. A large part of your mission will be to build a team of in-house people and freelancers in the design department. The idea of watching a team grow, take on new challenges and succeed in places you never even considered is one that excites you.

You’ll need organisational skills that are matched only by your creativity. Suppliers will email, call and Wechat you with updates and questions related to 10+ collections of watches, bracelets, bags, sunglasses and other accessories you're in charge of pushing through to completion. You know that each time you save the day, you help more Trendhim customers share their stories with the world.

This role isn’t for the faint-hearted. It’s for the heroic. In the end, you’ll be able to go anywhere in Europe and see people wearing products you made. Now that’s a super power.

Your Mission

Your mission is to form a framework around all of the data that comes in. You’ll gain clues to where to go with each collection through talking to marketing and customer service, combing through analytics, looking at mini-trials of products, sales numbers, trends, etc. You may be creative, but you know that intuition and personal opinion always take 2nd place to what the customer wants.

You’re not alone on your heroic journey. With 4 in-house photographers, a 9-person marketing team and a 2-4-person product development team (your team), the challenge is not just making products that sell, but building an emotional connection with our house brands.

Take a look at our most-recent collections here:

Trendhim owns 10 house brands. Understanding each one and making sure products are aligned within each one is a must for all new collections.

It doesn't matter what it says on your CV. It matters that you have the right mindset. Persistence, smarts, and exploration get you far with Trendhim. So reach out, and let us know why you’re the one for this mission.

Consider the following when applying:

  1. Why you’d love to join the team and take on this task.
  2. What qualifies you for the position. (Please be specific. We love numbers, graphs and stuff.)
  3. Examples of work you're proud of.
  4. Good and bad examples of work in this area (why you think they’re great and how you would change the not-so-great ones).
  5. What you do to keep developing yourself.

Trendhim is full of other heroes… all on the same journey. Join us!

Trendhim is a fast-growing e-commerce company that designs accessories for men and sells directly to consumers online. With 5,000+ products and 10 brands, we help customers in 28 countries and 18 languages. We’ve been named one of the fastest-growing companies in Denmark for the past 3 years and have no intention of stopping now. Everything is run from our office and warehouse in Horsens, Denmark.

You can read more about our vision, DNA, history and culture in our Atlas.